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Passed Legislation

Sub HB 60: 131st General Assembly
Companion Animal Abuse, Cruelty & Neglect Modifications
SB 331: 131st General Assembly
Regulate dog sales and license pet stores

Pending Legislation

SB 182 & HB 263: 132 General Assembly
Allow dogs in restaurant outdoor dining areas
SB 182 Details      HB 263 Details
SB 195 & HB 352: 132 General Assembly
Dangerous & Vicious Dog Laws, OPOTA Training - Dog Wardens
SB 195 Details      HB 352 Details
HB 147: 132 General Assembly
Change humane society law
HB 295 & HB 558: 132 General Assembly
Exempt disabled veterans from licensing fees for assistance dogs
HB 295 Details      HB 558 Details
HB 303: 132 General Assembly
Prohibit public places from excluding service animals
HB 349: 132 General Assembly
Increase and expand crime of assaulting a police animal
HB 552: 132 General Assembly
Regulate chemical capture, prohibit gas chambers for euthanizing dogs, and modify euthanasia by injection laws